inside Leadership releases and develops the talent in people to enable them to fulfil their potential and become world class leaders and performers across all environments.

“Please do explore our website and identify how we can help you and your organisation achieve world class performance.”

What we do

At inside Leadership we feel we can make a positive difference to you and your organisation. Top class development and performance can only come from top class credible presenters, facilitators, trainers and coaches - people who have been there and done it.
inside Leadership brings that skill and experience to enable you to become more effective in your role, team and organisation.

inside Leadership releases and develops the talent in people so that they can fulfil their potential in their chosen career paths. Whether you are in business, public service or sport, inside Leadership will provide you with programmes based on creative methods and proven techniques to get the most out of yourself and those you work with in a team setting.

inside Leadership is a leader in development of the individual and teams. Whether it is leadership development, providing structured methods for sustaining high performance, individual coaching and mentoring or improving your communication skills, inside Leadership has an effective programme for you.

Core Values

The core values of inside Leadership are those that create winners: Excellence, Passion, Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility and Trust. These values are at the heart of all our individual and team development programmes. Our programmes are delivered by winners from the world of sport and business. We want you to develop your talent to be a winner too, in your own field of endeavour.

Our History

Working for the England and Wales Cricket Board in the following leadership positions - Coach Education Training Manager, High Performance Manager and Head of Performance with the England Women's Cricket Team has given me the opportunity to develop myself as a leader and grow and develop many other leaders too. During this time I have been fortunate to have had some outstanding experiences of living the highs and lows of performance sport with every step being a learning opportunity to keep moving forward. Leading the England Team to the following memorable successes - back-to-back Ashes, reaching a World Cup final and acquiring many series wins along the way have all been very special experiences.

During this time I have had the opportunity to make good use of my transferable skills by consulting with other leading and developing sports and many businesses on the broad area of Leadership Development, delivering various presentations, leadership development programmes and coaching and mentoring on a group and 1-to-1 basis.
Paul Shaw - Founder of inside Leadership

inside Leadership has a history of working with successful sports, businesses and organisations that have the desire for instant performance improvement and long term sustainable success.

We have been fortunate to work with various clients, covering a variety of key areas.
Recently, we have enjoyed making a positive difference with management and leadership teams that have required appropriate support and challenge. This support has been delivered through working with management and leadership teams as groups as well as making a positive impact on a 1-to-1 coaching and mentoring basis.

Having a large talent pool of motivational speakers from both sport and business has enabled inside Leadership to deliver some inspirational talks and presentations during staff cpd days. Motivating and inspiring people to go the extra mile for their organisation and themselves is something that we are very proud of.

Designing, developing and delivering bespoke leadership development programmes that have enabled individuals, teams and organisations to take large steps towards fulfilling their potential has been fantastic. Witnessing athletes, coaches and executives achieve what they once thought impossible has been exciting and hugely rewarding.

Top class development and performance comes from being supported, challenged and educated on an individualised basis by top class people who have a great mix of theory, knowledge and experience. This mix, along with a carefully balanced combination of interpersonal, coaching, teaching and mentoring skills, provides the wisdom that helps grow and develop people. We at inside Leadership are fortunate to have a top class delivery team of highly skilled people. Each of them have the knowledge and skills along with the experience of having been there and done it at a high performing level. Our excellent workforce has helped us achieve a number of successes along our exciting journey. We at inside Leadership would love to share our journey with you and we would welcome the opportunity to positively contribute to your journey too.

Paul Shaw

"I fully believe that everyone has the potential to achieve world class performance.
Life provides many opportunities and choices at different points along our great journeys. The challenge is that our journeys are not always straightforward and, in fact, offer many twists and turns along the way. It is often the twists and turns that can challenge our beliefs and values offering each of us great life and leadership opportunities.

I am the founder of “inside Leadership”, the leadership development organisation that prides itself on making a positive difference in the worlds of sport and business.
With a background of enabling people, athletes, coaches and business executives to achieve personal and organisational goals we are well placed to offer bespoke leadership development programmes tailored to the needs of you and your organisation.

Supporting leaders in many different fields to create and develop high performing environments is something we have a track record of.

I am hugely passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations acquire, develop, apply and refine the skills required to achieve world class performance. I am a values-based leader and I believe in creating the foundations for sustainable success.

Having achieved back-to-back Ashes success, reached a World Cup final and acquired many series wins in the position of Head of Performance for the England Women’s Cricket Team I have a good understanding of what excellence looks like, feels like and what it takes to achieve it, especially when under the spotlight of the media and high pressure environments.

Please do explore our website and identify how we can help you and your organisation achieve world class performance."