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inside Leadership releases and develops the talent in people to enable them to fulfil their potential and become world class leaders and performers across all environments.


inside Leadership

inside Leadership prides itself on making a positive difference in the worlds of sport and business. Focusing on enabling current and future executives, managers, coaches and athletes grow and develop into truly world class performers. We do this by delivering our programmes through our 6 core values – Excellence, Passion, Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility and Trust. These 6 core values provide a very strong foundation for our experienced team to deliver a wide range of excellent programmes.

Our Leadership Development Programmes Benefits are
“Inside – Out”
Personal growth, development & performance improvement
Greater self-awareness & awareness of others
Acquisition & development of leadership & management skills
Practical strategies & techniques to improve performance & achieve greater results
Open, honest, learning environment
Insight & wisdom from trainers & inspirational speakers that have been there and done it

  • Commitment

  • Trust

  • Passion

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Excellence

Our Services

Our programmes are designed to achieve short, medium and long term sustainable success for individuals, teams and organisations across sport and business.

Our bespoke packages include:

- Creating and Developing Organisation Talent Pipeline's

- Leadership Team Coaching and Development

- Creating High - Performing Environments

- Leadership Development Programmes

- Motivational Speaking and Presenting

- Organisation Development

- People Development

- One - to - One Coaching

- Group Coaching

- Mentoring

“High quality, cost effective, bespoke leadership development programmes that make a positive difference to you and your organisation.”

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Our uniqueness lies in our coaches, facilitators and trainers who have vast experience in both sport and business, dealing with the many challenges that these environments offer on a daily basis.

Our experienced team are equipped with many strategies to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable
success. Having a delivery team that is made up of past and current world class athletes, coaches and executives who consistently achieve sustainable success ensures inside Leadership has the team that will make a positive difference to you and your organisation.

Workshops and Programmes

- 1, 2, 3 and 4 day Leadership Development Programmes

- 1 and 2 day Public Speaking and Presenting Workshops


As consultants, inside Leadership specialises in delivering high quality, bespoke leadership development programmes that impact positively on individuals, teams and organisations.

Coaching and mentoring individuals and teams within organisations to fulfil their potential and achieve world class performance is at the very heart of inside Leadership.

Our team of highly skilled, experienced consultants will make a positive difference to you and your organisation.


Paul Shaw recently delivered to the SCUK Aspire 2014-2016 co-hort.

Paul delivered an energetic and thought-provoking session from his own experiences of working within high performance environments. The coaches were able to connect with key messages around values and leadership philosophies that Paul had implemented with the England Women’s Cricket Team. The session was interactive and a significant amount of knowledge was shared with the group.

Paul is truly an outstanding speaker, facilitator who speaks with such honesty, knowledge and human connection.


Paul presented to our company during a recent staff day. Paul pitched the presentation perfectly and took everyone on a journey with him. Throughout Paul was compelling, thought-provoking, inspirational and uplifting with feedback from the staff being excellent.


I recently attended a Leadership Development Workshop with Inside Leadership. I was hugely impressed with the quality of the workshop, Paul’s delivery knowledge and experience was outstanding. The Inside Leadership speakers were both motivational and inspirational.

The workshop has developed me both as a person and as a leader. I have already started to implement a number of the leadership strategies and techniques that Paul and his team shared with us during the workshop.

I would strongly recommend attending this workshop for anyone who wants to develop themselves as a person or as a leader.

Neil Murray CEO Activfirst

Paul delivered a great session which was both informative and interactive. Paul was able to apply his experiences and reflections with principles around leadership and coaching. Coaches found Paul’s approach powerful, engaging and thought provoking. During the session you could really see Paul’s passion for helping others and raise their self-awareness about leadership of themselves and others.

Chris Porter – Elite Coach Development Manager (GB Boxing World Class Programme)

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend your recent inside leadership workshop, I was at a professional crossroads in my career and was experiencing a lot of uncertainly. I found the workshop very engaging and insightful and also motivating, I got so much out of it and took away a much better understanding not just of myself but of my employer.

Since the workshop I have adapted the skills that I learnt, I am feeling much more determined, empowered and motivated and am at peace with myself professionally. I feel the workshop came at exactly the right time for me and I have learnt transferable skills that I can apply not only to my professional development but to nurturing my personality . I would highly recommend this course.

Sarah Holmes IMCA/IMHA Barnsley Advocacy (Cloverleaf Advocacy Service)

A very insightful and thought provoking course on all aspects of leadership that can be related back to your everyday work.

 Both Paul and the external speakers were top quality and offered fantastic views on leadership based on their experiences dealing with elite teams.

 Thoroughly worthwhile and highly recommended.

Phil Thompson, Chartered Tax Advisor Head of Tax

I attended the inside leadership workshop presented by Paul.

It has been very inspirational to me and has empowered me for my future.

I found the workshop very informative and beneficial to my current role and organisation. I am positive of a constructive improvement within our company thanks to Paul’s effective approach.

I would highly recommend this course to all who are interested in improving leadership skills and making a difference.

Louise Dodson Air Power Products Ltd